Tour The Office

Along with relaxing colors and a soothing environment, Smiles By Rosie Family Dentistry offers the following features and amenities:

  • Warm, lavender-scented towels at the end of your appointment
  • Soothing colors and decorations
  • Your choice of Pandora radio station during your visit
  • Rotating exhibits of local art on the walls (please feel free to submit portfolios to
  • An entirely paperless office, which means that all dental records, signature forms, and documents are electronic
  • Digital xrays and the Nomad xray unit, which produces the lowest radiation amounts currently available. Read our radiation safety document for more information.

Construction photos from our journey:

Planning the trenches
Planning and surveying
Trenches with pipes and wires
Trenches with pipes and wires
Future waiting room
Dr. Wagner in the trenches!
Floor re-covered with cement, leaving pipes poking through
Sparks fly when you're building a new office!
Walls going up
Walls going up
Ceiling and ventilation ducts
Walls going up
Drywall first goes up!  Then it gets plastered and painted.
Dr. Wagner and staff sign a support beam in the front desk
Blueprints stay taped to the walls the whole time
The old storefront
The new storefront!
Waiting room soffit, newly plastered
Walls get painted!
Walls get painted!
Soffit above the front desk
Small portion of waiting room
Treatment room hallway
First treatment room getting installed
Sterilization center
Lettering above and on the front door