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Dental Care During Pregnancy

When is the best age to bring a child to his or her first dental visit? At birth or even before!

Pregnant women are highly encouraged to speak with their dental team about nutrition, supplementation, fluoride, and caring for their own teeth during pregnancy. Many changes happen throughout pregnancy, and the mouth is one of the most common areas to develop issues that need special attention. Changes in how a pregnant woman's body reacts to inflammation can increase the likelihood of periodontal disease, cavities, and infection.

What about dental treatment during pregnancy? If a woman is experiencing a toothache or is worried about infection, it is much better to take radiographs of the tooth and perform an exam than to allow for the possibility of an infection to persist. It is very important to continue dental treatment during pregnancy, especially if you are experiencing pain or other dental emergency. The dentist will use medications and techniques that are safe for mother and baby.